Living Hope Montessori

One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child. Maria Montessori

About Us

Our Beliefs

To provide a Christian Montessori program that teaches children the love of God and Jesus and how to share that love with others.
To create an environment that encourages children to explore God’s world.
To stimulate a love of learning by allowing the children to dream, take risks, make mistakes and experience success.
To encourage children to grow in trust, independence, and initiative.
To promote an awareness of the importance of high quality inclusive early childhood programs.
To promote further Montessori and Early Childhood Education for all LHM staff.

Getting started

Admissions and Programs

Living Hope Montessori is an equal opportunity school. Children are accepted for enrollment between the ages six weeks to 5 years of age. Parents are required to observe the school before enrolling their children and attend an orientation class during the first month of school. Living Hope Montessori offers the following classes, three four or five days per week.


The basic goal of the Montessori approach is to help your children acquire the confidence and motivation necessary to fulfill their full potential. This is done by providing an atmosphere tailored to the child’s individual needs. The Montessori Method has proven itself effective by offering activities based on each child’s interests, it emphases inner-motivation, self-reflection, self-control and problem solving.


What People Say

I miss this day care every day for our baby boy! My expectations are so high because of them and I am thankful for all they did for our family.

Ms. Jacie

I love and am impressed with what I saw at Living Hope Montessori. The Staff are Lovable People and the Children are happy. Continue with the Good work, God bless you.

ms. adeyinka

M is for Montessori

M-asks are worn by everyone age 3 and up.

O-nly one classroom for each child.

N-o children or teachers use multiple classrooms.

T-eachers clean and disinfect surfaces often.

E-veryone washes their hands frequently.

S-ocial distancing is being taught.

S-ocialization tables keep everyone safe.

O-utside exploration and learning is encouraged.

R-outine health screenings, including temperature checks, are scheduled upon arrival.

I-ndividual learning materials are disinfected between each use.

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Welcome to Living Hope Montessori. We are committed to providing a Christian
Montessori environment in which your children may grow physically, emotionally,
cognitively, socially and spiritually.